Saturday, 8 December 2018

JJ's 2018 in review...

So 2018… it wasn’t as busy nor as stressful as 2016 and 2017 were. I finally listened to what I was writing! I didn’t necessarily say no so many times to things but ran out of energy and motivation to do many things, which has had some negative impacts on the amount of stuff I’ve done. I’ve also just had many fewer requests for things this year. So, all in all I’ve got to the end of the year with a list of things I could/should have done but didn’t, but I’m not completely stressed out and exhausted. I’ve still got to improve my fitness and that will help with my productivity, but this is good and I can move forward for sure.

Also it’s worth nothing I’ve tried again this year to be a good parent and partner. This is always difficult as anything in life. Especially as I’m also trying to come to understand myself – which is also still difficult – think I’m starting to know who I am but working out how to fit that into life and not impact those I love most.

Anyway things I’ve done in research. First I’ve been on 9 articles this year:

Things I’ve done in Teaching
  • Had one student, Lin Xiao, go through their graduation ceremony!
  • Had another student, John Bray, pass his viava!
  • Only lectured on course, 1st year astronomy which went well, despite some administrative mistakes, but it’s important to learn from those.
  • Finished the text book on the structure and evolution of stars I’ve written with Chris Tout! (Link here: World Scientific Press).
  • Observing my 2nd year redesign from a few years ago really seems to be going well.
  • Taught 4 honors project students and 1 masters student.
  • Ended a student project.

Things I’ve done in Service & Leadership
  • Unfortunately, this year I’ve just had not enough energy to do enough in this space this year and that makes me sad. But I guess it balances with needing a break and trying to get research done. This is something I really see as a failure as there are so many things I should have done.
  • Trans on Campus, had some meetings and did some work with the University giving feedback on transition at work, trans and sporting and travelling guidelines. This needs more effort next year!
  • Rainbow science was also very quiet, but there are a few new interested people around, so we might be able to get it busy again.
  • Was nominated as NZ LGBTI Hero – a controversial event but a fun evening at least.
  • Public talks at continuing education groups in Te Awa Mutu and Thames. The latter was my first talk as myself. Also just about to give a talk at Stardome to the Auckland Astronomical Society. As well as talks at RASNZ annual meeting, Hidden perspectives seminars and for a trans group in London.
  • Curated the Real Scientists account for a week, wow that was fun and busy!

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